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This product started with the purchase of a Japanese patent, in partnership with "Aquitaine Total Emballage". The Akylux commercial mark was born from that partnership by combining the "A" in "Aquitaine Total Emballage", the "K" in Kaysersberg, and "LUX" to form the newly created luxury product.

Our Akylux® and Correx® sheets are characterised by parallel flutes which allow easy bending in one direction and a very high compression strength in the other direction. They are lightweight and moisture proof.

Non-toxic and 100% recyclable, this material is suitable for contact with food, is chemically inert, and does not produce any dust.

Polypropylene is composed of carbon and hydrogen, and thus its complete combustion with the air produces only carbon dioxide and water.

The sheets produced are easily converted to trays, cases, boxes, diviiders, layer pads…

We also offer various treatment possibilities, depending on any constraints you may indicate (anti-static, anti-UV, ESD conductive, anti-corrosion VCI treatments, etc.)


Our Akyboard® sheets use a unique extrusion technology which produces a sheet that is both rigid and lightweight, through a bubble or honeycomb structure.

This specific manufacturing process extrudes and combines the 3 sheet layers into a single operation.

Furthermore, films or foams can be laminated on one or two sides, thus enabling a range of applications.


Akyplen®, a solid polypropylene sheet, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the graphics industry. The product is easy to print and convert, and can easily replace PVC, polystyrene or cardboard.

This sheet is an excellent product for communication/advertising. A tough material at ambient temperature, it does not break or tear. It does not deteriorate upon contact with most oils and chemicals. Finally, it is recyclable.


Domes, skylights, roofing, cladding, thermal insulation, glazing, swimming pools

We have a wide range of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets, ranging in thickness from 4 to 32mm. The sheets undergo anti-UV treatment, which ensures that they are fully homogeneous, and provide: excellent insulation, transparency, long term protection, a smooth exterior surface, and bendability

Our different treatments produce outstanding technical characteristics versus comparable products, particularly in terms of thermal insulation and light weight.


Our thermoforming machines allow us to produce hollow parts with two 3D surfaces, such as sheets, pallets, containers, etc.

These cellular HDPE parts are produced using specific tools, developed in collaboration with the client, and according to the client's expectations and requirements.

Lightweight, rigid and 100% recyclable, these products fit right into our sustainable and cost-effective approach adopted for all industry types.

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