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Ds Smith Kaysersberg

DS Smith Kaysersberg

Number of Employees : 180

History :
1972 : start of production of Akylux - PP sheet in Kunheim
1974 : start of production of Akyver - PC sheet in Kunheim
1985 : Transfer of Plastics Division from Kunheim to Kaysersberg
2008 : Line extension with Akyboard and Akyprint products

Technical Competence : Extrusion and conversion of polypropylene and polycarbonate sheets

Capacity: : 11 extrusion lines

Production : 19000T of materials produced in 2008

Products Manufactured : Akyver®, Akyprint®, Akylite®, Akyboard®, Akylux®, Akyplac®, Akyplen® plastic sheets, for building and graphic arts, reusable packaging, single-use packaging, automobile reinforcements.