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  • Extrusion

With our 30 years' experience, Kaysersberg Plastics has 4 extrusion units in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Spain and Slovakia), specialising in the extrusion of twinwall or solid polypropylene sheets. The Kaysersberg site also specialises in the extrusion of twinwall polycarbonate sheets.

The sheets are marketed as is, but can also be converted/cut into specific packaging or part forms.

This process is particularly well-suited for customized small-run manufacturing.


  • Thermoforming

The Group has a production unit in northern France, specialising in extruded single and twin PP/HDPE sheet rotary thermoforming.

This process is particularly well-suited for the manufacture of trays, clampings, containers and other packaging, through medium run manufacturing quantities.


  • Injection

Kaysersberg Plastics has a low pressure polyethylene injection faciltiy which allows the production of various plastic pallets.

This technology allows the production of parts that are lighter than those obtained from high pressure and non-hollow technologies, and provides a balance between ease of use and durability in transit between plants.