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Polycarbonate twinwall sheets

Our range of polycarbonate multiwall sheets are designed for various roofing, glazing, cladding, panel, skylight and skydome erection applications. These sheets are cost-effective, high-performance (in terms of thermal insulation), light, and highly impact-resistant. Further, they allow cold bending.

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  • Plaques multiparoisMultiwall sheets

    Akyver® 2 walls                       Akyver® 4 walls
    Akyver® 7 walls                       Akyver® 8 walls
    Akyver® multiwall sheets are specially designed for outdoor cladding and roofing applications for industrial, sports and agricultural buildings, skylights, domes and glazed roof constructions ….
    Recent innovations allow us to offer an excellent thermal insulation coefficient while keeping the product light and durable.
    The sheets are available in 2-, 4-, 7- and 8-wall formats, and with thicknesses ranging from 4 to 32mm.

    Systèmes modulairesModular Systems

    Akyver® Panel 40                      Akyver® Panel 50
    Akyver Connect® 16
    Akyver Connect® 16 and Akyver Panel® 40 and 50 systems are clipable / nestable.
    They come with a complete range of accessories and aluminium or polycarbonate profiles.
    These modular connectable systems are ideal for new cladding or for renovating industrial and storage buildings.

    Plaques spécialitésSpecialty sheets

    Akyver® Confort Plus

    Our polycarbonate Akyver® Confort Plus receive anti-UV protection and surface treatment which limit solar gain, through a coating incorporated into the sheet manufacturing process, with reflective metal particles.