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Development Partner

Our technical and sales teams support you in your product development process, thus ensuring that the solutions we design are perfectly suited to your needs.

From prototyping to system building, through the pilot stage, the client is involved, and validates the technical feasibility of the solution offered.

Examples of our projects:

PHARMACY - Client: Becton Dickinson
Development of a micro-perforated case for holding pre-filled glass syringes.
Benefits of the solution:

  • Hygienic design meeting the pharmaceutical requirements
  • Advertising route to customers thanks to 2-colour screen printing
  • Thermal strength of case during the ETO sterilization stage
  • Fold-flat delivery for cost savings during transport

BUILDING - Client: Mabamure
Design of Akylux® formwork box
Benefits of the solution:

  • Alternative to existing wood or cardboard solutions
  • Resistance to water, moisture and concrete pressure
  • Modularity through its simplicity and quick installation
  • Cost savings thanks to delivery of fold-flat boxes
  • Recyclability of polypropylene
  • Safe for use on worksite thanks to rigid cover

Thermoplastics enable a wide range of applications in many different activity sectors.
We are available to join you in studying your project specifications!